Giới thiệu

Spectos is a global network of experts with specific expertise and experience in the international Courier-, Express- and Postal-Market (CEP Market), Direct Marketing and Outsourcing. Connected to a network of worldwide partners, such as research institutions, universities and independent consultants, Spectos acts as a global consultancy and service company. Based in Vietnam from 2008, Spectos Asia is a German 100% FDI company and one of its core competence is to provide customers with wide range of consultancy service regarding to IT products and solutions. With the strong background Spectos ensures the quality of service and technological expertise in its projects.

In an increasing digitised world of complex information individual and personal addressing of people is a major task and social competence of companies that want to run a successful business. This appears in the use of media which people use to communicate. The worlds oldest, most personal and sustainable way of communication is the letter, the document, the shipment. The use of these personal media assumes reliance and trust in the quality of service.
To fully tap the potentials of personal addressing, the performance of distribution must be constantly improved and obstacles in the communication process must be eliminated. This is the vision Spectos stands for. To constantly integrate the traditional media into recent developments and requirements and give them together with our customers a high quality and unique shape is the objective of all efforts of Spectos.

Spectos is the partner for Quality of Service, Automation Projects and Process Development in the field of Mail Management, Postal Automation and Distribution Logistics, Data and Outsourcing around the world.
Spectos is a specialised company which is dedicated to providing technical and commercial support and expert knowledge for quality improvement, postal automation and Outsourcing projects.

The customer is in the focus of all activities of Spectos. To fulfil the customer’s requirements and to reach his aims is the main drive to realise the own vision. Respect for people, outstanding and unique services through networking and networked thinking marks the work of Spectos.